糖心旦傳承中國傳統的寧波刺繡工藝, 同時為作品灌注創新的設計思維,鑄就當代與傳統美學並存的品牌。糖心蛋在面料的外觀視覺效果和觸感上尋求突破,在傳統的面料上透過繡,緝線,插褶,釘錣, 多層搭疊營造出多元文化融合的美感。與糖心蛋而言,傳承非守舊,我們秉承了文化,堅守其根本,但亦與時並進以變求新。

Tangxindan inherits Chinese traditional Ningbo embroidery techniques, at the same time adds in the modernized design elements, in order to build up a brand coexist with modern and traditional aesthetics. Tangxindan seeking a breakthrough in visual and tactile effect, via sewing, stitching, beading embroidery and layering to create a cultural-diverse aesthetics. In Tangxindan aspect, inheritance is not conservation, we would like to persist in the root, in the meantime pursuing innovation.



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